Alma candle hand

Alma's arm just keeps melting...

but that's one of the less-weird things going on in deep-space town Danicus, where secrets are plenty, meal replacement juice is the hot thing, and the Mayor talks a lot about the speculative physics of space whales.

Waxfellow is a queer sci-fi drama
webcomic for ages teen+

Alma (they/them) has a keen interest in exploring the outskirts of Danicus and learning the strangely unkept history of The Aldier, the long-range ship that carried their ancestors into the stars.. Instead of a quiet time filled with old journals and logs, they stumble into a century-old game of hide and seek full of dangerous players and impossible-sounding magic.

Alma and Reed
Alma candle hand

The Author:

Tori (Toriarie) has been working on Waxfellow since 2013. The story has changed a ton since then, and they are so happy to finally be sharing the characters and world after all that prep time.

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Character Height Chart


The sweetest (and only) maintenance tech.


The easygoing mediator, impeccable fashion sense.


The overworked/overtired mayor of Danicus.


The scary twin and grumpy mediator. One brain cell.

Dr. Danu

The more amicable healer of the two clinic staff.


He looks familiar.


Someone who doesn't follow rules very well.


Just guys being dudes?
Or.. something else.


✦ "The Departure" comic theme composed by the amazing Eyre.
✦ Thanks to Peri/ThePancakey for being a huge help with flats.
✦ Shoutout to Mo for giving so many great character ideas.

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